Not only did my private tour of Vientiane provide valuable inside information about methods of getting around town, but once I arrived at the Buddha park with my laos tours destinations guide I was given information about the statues and monuments that I wouldn’t have had otherwise, like the personal history of the mystic who crafted the concrete garden dedications, and the significance of each piece. It was incredible to stand on top of the lovingly crafted stupa and look out over the impressive statues.

The reclining Buddha was the most impressive by far, it’s massive expanse spanning half the length of the park. There were tour groups of various sizes, receiving information in a variety of languages. I felt much better learning about the immense deity from my personal guide, I wasn’t afraid to ask questions and we could spend more time on the statues of the animals, of which I was particularly interested. 

A private Vientiane tour, while seeming like the antithesis of my method of Laos travel, turned out to be the best decision of my trip. The advice I received, paired with the local knowledge provided by my guide, was invaluable in navigating such a unique and strange attraction. The garden was beautiful, but without the personal information and local history, it wouldn’t have been nearly as engrossing of a trip. The knowledge I garnered from my new friend is irreplaceable.